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Since the end of 2021 I no longer take orders for guitars.

The craftsman works alone, no one decides for him, only the musicians who trust him can express their wishes.

When one's own body signals, from a certain age, the consequences of exceeding one's own limits... Osteoarthritis prevents me from planning in the long term what my hands will be able to do at the workbench in a few years.

I had to learn to say "no" when I always said "yes" and asked myself how I should solve the problem! A week of thinking was enough, I didn't think about my hands. Today, four hours of lutherie a day is a limit I must not exceed.

When asked when I would retire, I answered with aplomb: "as long as my hands work, why should I stop doing what I love to do! " I still have three years of orders to fulfil. Hands are the first tools we have to take care of. Gestures are refined, hands follow the passion which itself devours... the joints of the hands which are very solicited.

I have always favoured hand tools, not machines, which are rarely used in the workshop; my father, Jacques Favino, taught me to do things by hand: "a power failure will not prevent you from working !...".

I would like to thank all those who have entrusted us with their wishes, recognized artists, lesser known artists, those who will be one day, living from their Art, the anonymous guitar lovers.


Allow me to make a request: to those who have been waiting for their ordered guitar for some time now...., I have not "said" my last word, The "art-rose" has not replaced the pleasure of doing, of serving you.


Thank you very much for your patience.


PS: For the follow-up of our guitars, to be adjusted, to be restored, I remain of course at your service, in the workshop from 3 pm; please call one week before for an appointment.


Jean-Pierre Favino 15 November 2022