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Jazz N

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Jazz S

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Brassens Model

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Unique Models





After the choice of model and size, the "tailor-made" first concerns the width and shape of the neck, with 12 or 14 frets to the body, with or without cutaway, depending on playing habits and differences in hand morphology.

Although a meeting is necessary if not preferable, if the customer is unable to come to the workshop, a photocopy of the hand that will play the notes on the fingerboard may suffice, (added email exchange or telephone contact to refine) provided that a small decimeter is added near the hand because the photocopier can alter the proportions.

The expectation of a sound will determine the choice of woods used as well as the size and depth of the body of the guitar, in consultation of course.

Aesthetic options such as inlay decorations, special markings on the fretboard or other wishes are also taken into account.

Left-handed and right-handed pay the same price.