Requests for very special instruments are welcome, they enrich the inspiration of the musicians and the manufacturer's skills; a challenge is always very motivating. The only limits are those of our imagination, or of the material or mechanical impossibility.


Favino Basse Acoustique

Acoustic Bass Guitar

created 1978

With holes, the tone is close to that of the double bass, with a round mouth and glued bridge, it is more percussive. Can be designed with or without bars, with or without cutaway.


Favino Basse Acoustique

Favino Modèle Satya

The Satya

created 1996

Designed for the 50th anniversary of the Favino workshop, all manufacturing details and the interior dam are subject to aesthetics, without the need for a particular sound.
This six-stringed instrument, entrusted to Michel Gentils, master of the 12-stringed instrument, working it at home and then adopting it on stage for several years, has enabled it to develop its unique sound, very precise and very fine notes.

Favino Modèle Satya

Favino Guitare Harpe

Models with sympathetic Strings

The first delivery was for guitarist-composer Pierre Chaze in February 1979, seduced by the Gibson model with sympathetic strings played by John McLaughlin. Since then, a dozen have been made, designed differently for the number of sympathetic strings and their length, the design of the fingerboard, the saddle, classical or Indian style etc....

Favino SiquiraFavino Double Manche

Favino modèle Verseau

The Verseau

created 1991

One side jazz and steel strings, one classical side and nylon strings. This original invention offers the advantages of two guitars, with their respective characteristics and sound differences, in a single instrument. However, it is comfortable and very handy.


Favino modèle VerseauFavino modèle Verseau

Favino modèle folk avec cordier folk/jazzAcoustic Guitar

acoustic bridge and jazz tailpiece

The result of the assembly of the three bass strings anchored in the acoustic style bridge and the three treble strings fixed to the tailpiece in the "Jazz" style sounds perfectly with the blues.

Favino modèle FGFG Model

The purpose of the design of this original request is to harmonize the line of the instrument with the guitarist's playing position.